Your Efficiency Guide

Dana Linnell Wanzer, PhD

When I started graduate school, I was told to pick a reference management software and to start using it. I picked one... and promptly did nothing with it. I wrote my first few papers and did my references by hand and was frustrated when it was riddled with errors and came back for revision.

I was fed up enough that I decided to figure out how to learn Zotero for writing my thesis. Immediately, the light bulb went off and I questioned why I hadn't begun using it from the very beginning. I've been using Zotero ever since and it has made me a more efficient and overall better researcher.

I had to learn Zotero all on my own, but you don't have to. I created this course after walking through many individuals on how to get started and use both basic and advanced options within Zotero. My hope is that you can learn Zotero efficiently so you can improve your own research processes!

Mini-Course Curriculum

This course includes over an hour of content created to help you setup, use, and reflect on your project management system using Todoist.

You have access to any and all future content added to this course.

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